Great Products Do Not Happen by Accident

From the high-level thinking down to the last details, a great product is thoughtfully designed and leaves nothing to chance.

Over a decade, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some of the best talents to deliver products that not only I am proud of, but also the customer loves. This section is highlights of my recent work as an in-house designer in a corporate setting as well as an independent designer.

The Next Generation Trading Platform in Your Pocket

Designing mobile solutions for institutional forex trading, its trade-offs, and other design-related topics.

Making Affiliates’ Life Easier

The focus of this case study is solving design problems with the Double Diamond framework.

Everything is Personal: Targeted Advertising

Lazada Advertising is a large-scale ecosystem that encompasses multiple Ads solutions in 5 platforms.  

In the Blink of an Eye: Designing a Dry Eye Detector

This product is a customer-facing app I designed for the World’s No. 1 Eye Care brand.

Reaching Global Leaders and Decision Makers

The Startup My City was Hitachi’s content hub to create awareness about the company’s Social Innovation solutions.

Keeping Customers Engaged with a Habit-forming Product

This case study will focus on habit-forming in the context of e-commerce based on Nir Eyal’s Hook Model.