Everything is Personal: Targeted Advertising

Reach the audience that matters the most with the power of AI and Big Data.

The Problem with Traditional Advertising

Let’s say we sell sandwiches and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to put our message on Billboard that is located at a premium location. At the end of the day, it’s our educated guesswork that the audience gets our message.

In other words, we pay advertising dollars on all prospects, including those who have no interest in our sandwich at all.

Enter Personalised Advertising

What if we can specifically place our “billboard” on the audience that matters to our business? Just for examples:

  • People age 17-50 y.o. who are hungry and actively searching for a sandwich.
  • Currently nearby our Sandwich shop.

We can, then, minimize wasting our advertising dollars on irrelevant or unrelated audiences. This is possible because of the amount of data that’s being collected every minute, every second. Modern Advertising, undoubtedly, heavily relied on data and algorithms. The opportunity to create highly customized and personalized Ads is limitless.

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