Making Affiliates’ Life Easier

Why don’t more people actively use our product? What can we do as a designer?

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Advertising is one of the most intriguing domains during my tenure at Lazada. Unlike other Ads siblings such as Search and Display, which are matured and proven solutions, Affiliate Ads is the first kind of thing in e-commerce in the region. It sparked my curiosity. As an incubation project, there are plenty of rooms for experimentation.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, let me give an overview.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In a typical e-commerce ecosystem, we recognise two main players: Seller and Buyer.


Well, actually… we have another lesser-known player that we call Affiliate. An Affiliate can be a Social Media Influencer, Key Opinion Leader, Content Creator, or anyone else who wants to earn extra income.

In a nutshell, an Affiliate:

  • Doesn’t develop or ship a product.
  • Promotes other people’s products to his/her audience.
  • Earns a commission for every item sold.

Since no product to develop, the barriers to entry and the risk to become an Affiliate is quite low. Pick among millions of other people’s products, promote them online, and earn while you sleep. Where do the Affiliates pick the products to promote and earn money? It’s through the Affiliate platform – the product we are talking about.

The Focus of Case Study

The focus of this case study is solving an ambiguous, high-level problem and breaking it down with the Double Diamond framework. 

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