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Iwan Kurniawan

User Experience Designer

The Next Generation Trading Platform in Your Pocket

Spark Systems Mobile App

Spark Systems, a Fin-Tech startup funded by industry veterans, is the first high tech solution provider for institutional forex trading that is originated in Asia.

Spark Systems wanted to bring the next generation, low latency and efficient private trading platform to Singapore. I helped the company in designing the mobile experience in addition to its existing desktop platform.

My Role
  • User Research
  • Design Exploration
  • Visual & Interaction Design
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Style Guide

iOS & Android. Front-end Development by Terrence Tee of T+ Interactive



FX trading is a highly time-sensitive activity. During periods of volatility, a smartphone does not only play an essential role in the user journey but also the driver of the trading activity. 

The Process

Below Is the visual process. Contact me if you are interested in the design thinking process or other aspect of the product development.

Exploration, Sketches & Wireframes

Trading is the heart of the business. We went through a few rounds of iteration to find a right balance of convenient and secure experience.

One thumb access to the main controls

High-Fidelity Prototypes & Style Guide

Traditionally, the trading applications have been accustomed to dark themed because the apps are used for many hours straight. The dark theme helps the user to minimise “digital eye strain” and also supports visual clarity. The dark UI is the default theme of the app.

Dark UI

As the nature of a smartphone is mobile – the environment, the light, the attention span are varied, we designed the light UI as an alternative. The user can switch the theme in the app settings.

Light UI

App Icon

I designed the app icon to be flexible, elegant, and clear enough that it’s recognisable in tiny sizes. This icon caters multiple purposes, such as notifications, spotlight, and setting.

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