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Iwan Kurniawan

User Experience Designer

Reaching out Global leaders, Decision-makers, and Influencers.

Startup My City Campaign Site

Hitachi wanted to boost its profile as the industry leader in Social Innovation business and connect with the target customers: Global business leaders, Decision-makers, Influencers. The problem is communication is becoming harder and harder to control. People are being overwhelmed with information overload.

Instead of screaming louder to seek attention in a noisy world, Hitachi reached the audiences through an integrated thought leadership programme. The company partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit as the source of information on a theme that interests the audiences.

The theme is “StartUp My City: Smart and sustainable cities in Asia Pacific”. I designed the online content hub that is part of the company’s Global Brand Campaign.


My Role
  • Information Architecture
  • Sitemap
  • Sketches & Wireframe
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Prototypes


The team formed an advisory board who helped to curate the list of 20 cities, conducted a survey of the local citizens of the cities to gauge the effect of the city’s smart transformation on their work and life, and carried out interviews with three of the most innovative players driving changes in smart cities in Asia-Pacific.

The Process

Exploration, Sketches & Wireframes

High-fidelity Prototypes

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