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Iwan Kurniawan

User Experience Designer

Designing Today’s Dry Eye Detector

Systane Dry Eye Detector

The Systane digital dry eye detector is a customer-facing app I designed for Alcon, a Novartis Division, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The company wanted to move away from paper-based technique and leverage digital technology to diagnose a potential case of Dry Eyes. The app is designed for tablets that’s mounted on an in-store display unit.

My Role
  • User Analysis
  • Wireframes
  • Visual & Interaction Design
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Style Guide

App Copywriting by Vasanth Seshadri of The Sunny Side.


iOS (iPad)



Most of the consumers are not aware that dry eye is a condition. When they have symptoms such as irritated, burning and blurring eyes, they attribute the causes of problems to their environment or lifestyle. They see the symptoms as a temporary lifestyle annoyance. Systane is the brand of artificial tears that enables people to live their best lives by managing symptoms whenever they arise.

The Problem

In the past, the company introduced a paper-based assessment to diagnose a potential case of dry eyes. Here is how it works:

The user looks at the number on the paper and manually counts the number every second. This method is imprecise because it relies on intuition and inconvenient. The company also needed to print the poster from time to time for multiple locations.

The Solution

The digital Dry Eyes detector ditches the paper and enables a new type of diagnosis that is more precise and simplifies the user’s task. What the users need to do during the test is looking at the objects as they normally do. That’s it. Using the Core Image framework, the algorithm analyses every video frame captured by the front-facing camera and detect whether a face appears and whether the eyes are open or closed.

Hi-fidelity Prototype

Style Guide

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