The Next Generation Trading Platform in Your Pocket

Spark Systems is the first high tech solution provider for institutional forex trading that is originated in Asia.

The company had established a desktop platform and wanted to build cross-platform experiences. As an independent designer, I had the opportunity to partner with T+ Interactive and the company in-house team to design and develop the mobile app of its early product in 2018-2019. The target users of this app are institutional forex traders from Hedge Fund Firms, Corporate Treasuries, and International Banks.

The Focus of Case Study

  1. How does mobile app differ from desktop?
    I’ll go into detail about the impact on the product design.
  2. Flexibility vs Usability trade-off
    This trade-off happens when we try to make our product flexible to serve different needs. But flexibility has a cost in terms of usability: the product is generally more difficult to use.
  3. Designing for Error: Prevention and Recovery
    As the saying goes, to err is human. People do make mistakes, and people tend to call it “human error” – or is it? In the context of high volume trading, however, a small mistake can be devastating. What can we do as a designer?

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