Humanizing Technology through Design

Why did so many digital products fail? We may think if a product is built with cutting-edge technology and crafted with a strong marketing message, commercial success is highly likely. And yet, we can’t ignore that most people buy a product to solve their problem. As such, a deep understanding of human, the people who interact with the product, is critical.

The cause of failed products is quite often a misalignment between the product offer and the user needs. Equipped with empathy, designers are skilled at articulating people’s needs and translate them into demand. My mission as a designer is to help businesses grow by designing best in class products that customers love.


The Next Generation Trading Platform in Your Pocket

Spark Systems is the first high tech solution provider for institutional forex trading that is originated in Asia.

Everything is Personal: Targeted Advertising

Lazada Advertising is a large scale ecosystem that encompasses multiple Ads solutions in 5 platforms.  

Making Affiliates’ Life Easier

The focus of this case study is solving design problems with the Double Diamond framework.

In the Blink of an Eye: Designing a Dry Eye Detector

This product is a customer-facing app I designed for the World’s No. 1 Eye Care brand.

Reaching out Global Leaders and Decision Makers

The Startup My City was Hitachi's content hub to create awareness about the company's Social Innovation solutions.

Keeping Customers Engaged with a Habit-forming Product

This case study will focus on habit-forming in the context of e-commerce based on Nir Eyal’s Hook Model.